Weekend Roundup (1.30.2012)


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Another weekend spent. Another blizzard to cover my car and the streets here. Another push at getting through Zelda. Here’s what I’ve been playing as of late. Breathe easy, no spoliers within:

skyward sword artwork power jump slash 1024x983 Weekend Roundup (1.30.2012)

Zelda: Skyward Sword (Wii, Nintendo)

The game’s finally getting interesting now. I’m short of the ten hour mark and just finished the second dungeon. I think I wasted quite a bit of time when I left the game running while I took a break and started browsing the internet. With such a boring opening though I’m surprised I was able to push through.

The first dungeon was a bit on the boring side that didn’t do much or look exciting. Last night’s adventure through the second dungeon was much better. I’m having difficulty with the controller from time to time in both sword fights and switching items. The lizard enemies gave me trouble when swinging at their open points consistently. I wasn’t flailing the remote but the game would still register swings rather than positioning Link’s arm. Regarding my item troubles, there’s a major particular enemy that you run into somewhere near the end of the second dungeon that required me to sprint using the A button and then switch to bombs. The game kept opening up the item ring rather than quickly equipping the bombs. Apparently, I was holding the B button too long which was causing the item ring to appear.

I don’t remember Twilight Princess having that problem on the Wii at all, but I don’t remember how the item ring in that game really worked since it’s been a while. Also, didn’t Twilight Princess on Wii have multiple item slots mapped to the D-pad? Maybe I need to read the manual over again.

Resident Evil Remake 1 Weekend Roundup (1.30.2012)

Biohazard (Wii, Capcom)

Woah, another Wii game? All the talk about Resident Evil 6 and Revelations has left me wanting more of a classic horror experience. Don’t get me wrong; when November 23rd arrives, I’ll be out getting Biohazard 6 that very afternoon. However if the trailer is used as a crazy, over-the-top Gears of War style of action mixed in with survival horror and martial arts pieces, I feel like Capcom is taking the game more towards a direction that I’d prefer stay with action games rather than a series that started out labeled as a slower paced “survival horror” game. I’m still excited about the upcoming sequel, as it features some of the best voice work any of us have heard from the series and can possibly mix older styled RE gameplay with the newer action sets that we saw in RE4 and 5.

The Wii version of the Gamecube Remake features a 480p display option as well as the ability to use the Gamecube and/or Classic Controller if players are not up to using the Wii Remote or Wii Remote + Nunchuck control styles. I personally prefer the Gamecube controller. Unfortunately, Capcom fixed the infinite grenade launcher ammo glitch in this version since I loved using it to go around and just have fun killing zombies without having to worry about much. This remake (whether for Wii or Gamecube) is what I consider a staple game in my collection, a must-have and a showcase example of how to approach remakes or reimaginings of older classics.

February releases this month in Japan are pretty slim in terms of titles that catch my eye. I’ll have to sit down and look through the upcoming release lists again to see if I missed anything on my first read. Here’s what I have planned for the upcoming weeks:

Push onwards with Skyward Sword.

Decide between either the Vita or 3DS version of Chunsoft’s upcoming Good People Die which releases on February 16th.

Try out Nintendo Wii’s Kiki Trick, the latest from the creators of WarioWare and Rhythm Heaven, released over a week ago on January 19th.

I got around to ordering a disc copy of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition via the reduced price version here in Japan for the 360. It won’t ship out until February 9th (the reduced price version’s official street date) but after playing so much of this over the years, I can wait on this one.

I also ordered the Kojima Productions x Suda51 collaboration SDATCHER audio novel. I’m really excited about this one after listening to the web radio shows. I’ll have some photographs to share with you all sometime later this week when the discs arrive.

  • Serathis

    SO jealous about SDATCHER. I just placed an order for my Soul Calibur V and PS Vita early release copy. I’m a little concerned about the Vita launch titles though. All I see that’s worthwhile is Lumines ES.

    • Randy

      Have you been listening to it too? I heard someone’s been doing a translation and posting to YouTube with English subtitles. 

      • Serathis

        Yeah, I have only seen up to Act 3, but it’s pretty good so far. SC:V came in the post today, you gonna get it? I’d like us to match-up on live.

        • Randy

          SC4 left me bitter. I keep forgetting to go out and buy a gamecube or xbox version of SC2. That’s the game I feel can’t be beat. I’ll pick it up eventually because I feel like it’s a game I should play, but probably not within the release window. Are you getting it for 360?