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club nintendo canvas box


Super Mario Canvas Box now offered on Club Nintendo Japan

By on May 23, 2013

Club Nintendo Japan’s latest item is a very cool canvas box featuring Super Mario characters. The box, which measures 28 x 18 x 14 cm, looks large... Read More

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Limited Edition Eevee 3DS XL revealed (Japan)

By on May 15, 2013

In commemoration of the Pokemon Center’s 15th anniversary in Japan, Nintendo revealed a very limited edition Eevee motif Nintendo 3DS XL. The system... Read More

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Twin Snakes Gamecube Bundle


Photo (2.16.2013): Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes Gamecube

By on February 16, 2013

The Ota Road Super Potato in Osaka has a very good condition Metal Gear Solid The Twin Snakes Gamecube bundle. I love that the Metal Gear 1 disc looks... Read More

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hyrule historia limited us buy


It’s still possible to buy the Hyrule Historia Limited Collector’s Edition

By on January 2, 2013

Remember when Randy got his Hyrule Historia book last December and how we were all mad jealous? I do. I had to have an extra shot of Bailey’s with... Read More

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cave shooting collection


Cave Shooting Collection for 360 announced (Japan)

By on November 30, 2012

The Cave blog has updated today revealing the titles for the upcoming Xbox 360 release, Cave Shooting Collection. The package includes ten (10) titles,... Read More

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Animal Crossing 3DS limited edition


Pickup (11.19.2012): Animal Crossing New Leaf 3DS XL

By on November 20, 2012

This is actually a pickup from several days ago but I was in Osaka visiting family and had no access to a genuine PC. Released on November 8th in Japan,... Read More

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bioshock infinite songbird statue


The BioShock Infinite Ultimate Songbird Collector’s Edition is up for sale

By on October 18, 2012

You remember that uber cool Bioshock edition we had back in the day? You know, the one with the huge Big Daddy statue that had structural defects that... Read More

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club nintendo tenugui 4


Nintendo branded Tenugui look awesome (Club Nintendo Japan)

By on August 8, 2012

Nintendo revealed a new item on the Japanese Club Nintendo marketplace today: Nintendo-themed tenugui. Tenugui are Japanese cotton hand towels made... Read More

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resident evil 6 holster bag main


“A wise choice, mate!” Biohazard 3 Way Holster Bag (Japan)

By on August 1, 2012

 A while back, Capcom released the “Mission Liner” carry bag on their e-Capcom online store. Today the company has announced a related product... Read More

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club nintendo kirby medal


New items up on the Club Nintendo Store (Japan)

By on July 25, 2012

Club Nintendo members in Japan will be able to purchase two new items on the club store today. North American members may remember the set of Mario figures... Read More

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hori taito viewlix ps3 le


Amazon Japan’s HORI Viewlix LE arcade sticks up for preorders

By on July 4, 2012

Amazon Japan has the limited edition HORI Real Arcade Pro 3 Viewlix for Playstation 3 open for preorders now. The link is here and orders will begin shipping... Read More

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Club Nintendo polo zelda


Pickup (6.23.2012): Club Nintendo Polo 2012 Zelda

By on June 23, 2012

The postman just dropped by this Sunday morning to deliver my Club Nintendo Polo 2012 t-shirt that I ordered a few months ago via the Japanese Club Nintendo... Read More

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