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exclamation warriors boxart


Exclamation Warriors distribution on Club Nintendo ending soon (Japan)

By on July 12, 2012

Released as a Club Nintendo Japan exclusive item back in 2007, Zekkyo Senshi Sakeburein, more widely known as Exclamation Warriors or Exclamation Rangers,... Read More

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new pokemon


New Pokemon #153 Announced for Black and White

By on February 15, 2012

The newest monster for Pokemon Black and White was announced today by the Pokemon Company and Nintendo. Named “Kerudio,” it is categorized... Read More

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Phoenix Wright Book Crop


New 400+ Page Phoenix Wright Book Details Just About Everything

By on January 13, 2012

Releasing today in bookstores across Japan is the Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Scenario Collection, a 400+ page volume that details events, characters... Read More

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zelda flipnote sample


Zelda Flipnote Animations by Nintendo of America

By on January 4, 2012

Select staff members from Nintendo of America have posted their works in a video using DSiWare’s Flipnote Studio. Not to be confused with the recent... Read More

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Mother 3 Handbook lucas photo


Fangamer has restocked their awesome Mother 3 guide

By on November 25, 2011

The incredible fanmade Mother 3 handbook is now back in stock at Fangamer. I was super upset when they sold out last year, but now we all get a second... Read More

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Ace Attorney Movie Capcom


Ace Attorney trailer now has subtitles

By on November 12, 2011

Takashi Miike’s film adaptation of adventure game Phoenix Wright now has a English subtitled trailer for you to enjoy. I’m not sure if the movie... Read More

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weekend super mario 3d land


Weekend Roundup (11.06.2011) Mario 3D and More

By on November 5, 2011

I spent this past weekend playing through Super Mario 3D Land which came out this past Thursday in Japan. I posted my initial impressions on the game... Read More

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Screen shot 2011-10-16 at 21.29.18


Zelda Flipnote Contest Winners Announced

By on October 16, 2011

Nintendo has revealed the winners for the 25th Anniversary Zelda Flipnote animation contest.  Flipnote, the free animation software downloadable through... Read More

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Looking Back at Ouendan (2005 and 2007)

By on October 11, 2011

In 2005, Nintendo released the rhythm game Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan! for the Nintendo DS in Japan.  The game was developed by iNiS, the studio who also... Read More

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Screen shot 2011-10-06 at 20.39.16


Pokemon Typing DS gets Black Keyboard in November

By on October 6, 2011

Released in April this year, Nintendo’s Pokemon Typing DS‘ bluetooth keyboard will get a new color mid-November.  Nintendo updated the game’s... Read More

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Zelda Pamphlet Provides List of Options for Adventuring in Hyrule

By on October 6, 2011

Prior to the release of the DSiWare downloadable The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition, retail stores in Japan began stocking pamphlets... Read More

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3DS Question Mark Box Provides A New Way To Store Your 3DS games

By on October 5, 2011

Japanese Import Shop AmiAmi has these on sale. They provide a nice way to store your 3DS in style. Provided that you only have five games, because that’s... Read More

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