Thrifting (7.31.2012): Sega Saturn PS2 Pad


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sega saturn ps2 controller 1 1024x768 Thrifting (7.31.2012): Sega Saturn PS2 Pad

I’m pretty pleased with this pickup. This Sega Saturn controller pad was produced for the Playstation 2 back in 2005, allowing gamers to use one of the most comfortable six button controllers for the Sony console. I found this at a Book Off here, lying in the assorted controllers box for 500 yen. I had to do a double take when I saw the Playstation logo right in the center of the controller, but the select button, connector and PS button marks all told me I had the real deal in my hands. While it needs some cleaning up, it works without any problems.

This controller was also released in a white color and a purple limited edition that was released with the Vampire Savior (Darkstalkers) Collection. Additionally, a USB version was released for PC/OSX users several years back and they’ve made a return to the eBay market for pretty cheap. I’m not sure if these are official Sega products or knockoffs because they’re not stocked in any Japanese electronics chain store anywhere I’ve seen.

  • Goseplan

    Nice find.

  • GameScanner

    I never knew such controller existed. Nice find. If I was you, I’d be hunting down the actual package.

    • randy

      I’m just happy to have finally found one after all this time. I’ve seen the USB ones in a store once in Akihabara for prices ridiculously higher than online, but with a cheap PS-USB converter, this became a much cheaper alternative.