Pickup (11.26.2012): Figma Skyward Sword Link figure


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Figma Link Skyward Sword 13 1024x720 Pickup (11.26.2012): Figma Skyward Sword Link figure

Max Factory’s Figma lineup of figures are some of my favorites. Last week, they released the Skyward Sword version of Link which, like many of their products, comes with stand, multiple hand attachments, swappable faces and other accessories to form several different poses. I got mine in this evening after work.

You can pick up your own off Amazon Japan at the product page here (Japanese). The retail price is 3500 yen.


  • Californication

    I don’t understand why they’d go to so much detail everywhere and get the paint looking nice in those areas, and then all of a sudden not completely paint the gloves on some of the hands…

    • Randy

      Wow. I didn’t even notice until you mentioned it.

    • Shadowknight1

      Probably because you won’t be seeing the inside of those hands since those are meant to hold things. I just wonder whether that’s a paint app flub on the handle of the sword in the main pic just above the hand…

      • Randy

        Good eye! I cracked that side trying to put that combination of sword and hand together that night. It nearly broke all the way through, but there was no give on the hand at all so that’s some old hobby bond I had lying around. I should have rotated the sword 180+move Link’s hand up so it didn’t show, though you can still see some shoddy residue on that back side shot on the hilt. Later, I saw that the directions said to heat the hands if they didn’t budge to fit the sword. Doh. I tried with by dipping in hot water and sure enough they moved fine.

        • Shadowknight1

          The pommel is also removable…But glad to hear that it’s not a paint flub. Would’ve been rather strange coming from Figma.

          • Randy

            lol Knowing that would have been a big help! Thanks for that.