New Megaman T-Shirts out from Kotobukiya


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kotobukiya rockman shirts 730x1024 New Megaman T Shirts out from Kotobukiya

In my time off work, I visited both Kotobukiya stores in Akihabara in Tokyo and the much closer one in DenDen Town, Osaka. Both stores are currently carrying a new line of Megaman t-shirts. Each shirt is bottled Harajuku-Uniqlo style in a plastic capsule. The shirts also come with one of two limited edition pixel art keychains featuring a Rush-colored Megaman that are not featured in either of the two lines of pixel art blind boxed keychains that hit stores last year.

rockman tshirt 1 New Megaman T Shirts out from Kotobukiya

I’m not a fan of sporting gaming based t-shirts, but I thought the robo-skeleton look was done pretty tastefully so I picked that one up. I forget the exact price, but each shirt costs roughly 3500 yen. Check out the gallery for some more photographs I took just now.

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