Assassin’s Creed Ezio Auditore is in Soul Calibur V


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sc5 ezio 300x157 Assassins Creed Ezio Auditore is in Soul Calibur V

In case this leaked picture wasn’t proof enough, Game Trailers has uploaded the character reveal for Ezio Auditore. Can’t say I’m surprised, because every multi-console version of Soul Calibur since the original has had some crazy newcomer.

Soul Calibur 2: Link, Spawn, Heihachi, Necrid

Soul Calibur 4: Dark Apprentice (Starkiller), Darth Vader, Yoda

Even Broken Destiny had Kratos/Legends had Llyod Irving. No word yet if they will make Ezio a console specific character.


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  • Randy

    He fits in better than the other guest characters in the past games.  Can't wait for the release of Revelations.