Zelda Symphony of the Goddesses Concert


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Been holding off on posting this for awhile because I was afraid a lot of other places would have covered it already, but I guess not. I attended the Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses concert in San Francisco last month and it was pretty darn cool. I’m tempted to reveal the playlist for you guys but I don’t want to ruin upcoming concerts.

I will say this though: any Zelda fan will be pleased. Personally I felt they could have added more Majora’s Mask and GBA Zelda music, but overall it was very good. Nintendo has created cool playthroughs/image galleries to accompany each movement and they compliment each soundtrack well. A word of warning though; if you haven’t completed any major Legend of Zelda release, do so before the concert because each video basically spoils the story in each game. I still haven’t played Twilight Princess so I had to keep my eyes closed, like a damn fool.

Anyways, there was a lot of cool cosplay at the event and I managed to snag a few photos for you guys. Unlike previous venues, there was only one piece of merchandise available for purchase and it was a Zelda concert poster. It looked cool, but didn’t seem worthwhile to me. I much prefer the Club Nintendo Zelda poster set.

A word of advice: if you wish to attend a future concert, use your Club Nintendo membership to score a nifty discount. :D

  • Wanton_Carnage

    Do you remember how much the poster was? Planning to pick one up when I go to the concert in September.

    • Serathis

       Can’t remember for sure, but I believe it was $20-$25 dollars.

  • Anonymous

    $20 for the T-shirt, $15 for the poster, $30 for both iirc. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/maeiounj Carissa Fei

    Hello and Im the fi cosplayer. Me and my friend link had a great time. :)

    Im trying to find out where all my photos went lol.

    See you all at the Cherry Blossom festival. Fi will be there.

  • Xavier

    My Gf is soooooo Hot I love Jenna!

  • Xavier Florex:D